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Mountain & Rockclimbing

NOW is the time!
Get involved in world wide Mountain Climbing & Rock Climbing with American Overland Expeditions. A.O.E.'s five star mountain climbing guideservice ranks as one of three in America and one of ten in the world.Your guides to this wonderful world of climbing are extraordinary. "TheBest of the Best", and they are waiting to become your new climbingfriends! The following is a list of scheduled trips and events available.Prices are inclusive of ground cost only. It is your responsibility to rendezvous at the trip departure point on time. Additional informationand facts sheets are available upon request.

"The Getting StartedCourse"
  This School is located in Colorado Springs,Colorado near Pikes Peak. Fun for the whole family, KIDS LOVE IT TOO!

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Mt.Kilimanjaro (19,000 ft. above sea level) .... 17 days .... $ 4,875.00
The Snows of Kilimanjaro .....The challenge of Kilimanjaro and the excitement of a safari in the wilds of the African bush combine to makethis a trip you will never forget! Walk through a fragrant jungle filled with delicate flowers. Listen to the monkeyschattering during the day and the lions roaring at night. Take advantage of this African Adventure Safari! Meet in Nairobi.

Trip description


Mount McKinley ( 20,320 ft. above sea level ) ........24 days ....... May /June ....... $ 3,995.00
McKinley's West Buttress with Fantasy Ridge is an experience that beginsthe moment you commit to going, and last for a lifetime. Join us for thisultimatemountaineering adventure!


Mt. Aconcagua ( 22,835 ft. above sea level ) ..... 24 days .... Januray / Febuary ...... $ 3,995.00
The Prize of the Argentine Andes! Climb the highest peak in the western hemisphere! Departs from the city of Mendoza


Mt. Huayna Potosi (20,000 ft. above sea level) .... Mt. Illimani (21,165 ft. above sea level).... 23 days ....... In July ..... $ 3,750.00
This superb mountaineering cultural adventure begins in La Paz, the highest capital in the world. We acclimate ourselves on cultural treks to the birth spot of the Inca Empire. Then onward to ice fields, crevasses, corniced ridges and spectacular high altitude expeditionary climbing.


MOUNTAINEERING CLASSIC ......... Boulder - Grand Traverse
(4 days, 4 nights) ... Beginning to Intermediate .... Learn While Experiencing ..... $ 1,345.00]
Departs from Denver. [ July and August ]
Awe at the spectacular beauty of Wild Basin as you move higher and higher into a summit studded alpine world. Gurgling sparkling alpine brooks dance among explosions of colorful flower-filled meadows that lead you beyond the trail and up onto the rare and overwhelming beauties of the alpine tundra and the Continental Divide.


MOUNTIANEERING CAMP ....... Boulder - Grand Traverse & Longs Peak
(7 days, 7 nights) Beginning to Intermediate ....... Learn While Experiencing ....... $ 2,150.00
Departs from Denver. [ July and August ]
There are many ways to see the mountains. For pure fun in the mountains and a quality mountaineering this camp will provide you with a superb, all around mountain learning experience. Call for more details.


ICE CLIMBING ........ Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced ..... 3, 5 or 7 days
Call for more information .... 800-598-1325


ROCK in "2000" ...... The Spires
(5 days, 5 nights) ..... Intermediate, 5.6 - 5.8 range ..... Advanced, 5.8 - 5.10 range .......
limit 3 climbers ........................... limit 2 climbers .......... $ 1,695.00
Maximize everything ... Climbing, Adventure, Overall Mountain Atmosphere and Experience
4 Spires in 5 days ..... Departs from Denver, Colorado ...... [June, July, August, September ]


GRAND WEEK OF ROCK ...... Go for the Gusto ...!! Top Rated in The World
This Colorado Mountain School is located in Estes Park, Colorado
near Rocky Mountain National Park.
(7 days, 8 nights) Intermediate ....... Adventure Course / 5.7 - 5.9 Climbs ............. $ 2,085.00
Specialized training on proper technique, mental control, self-rescue, anchors and multi-pitch climbing are the focus of this 7 day progression. Each day at this camp you will be growing and expanding as a climber. As you progress we hand pick long hard multi-pitch routes at your near your limit. On the last day, high in the mountains, you will be ready to climb one of the most spectacular technical mountain spires in the world. Join Us for this Incredible Experience !

See You at the Celebration Diner on the Last Night !


Mt. Chimborazo (20,000 ft. above sea level) .... Mt. Cotopaxi (21,165 ft. above sea level)
18 days .... January / Feburuary .... $ 3,125.00
Two for One .... We combine two world class high altitude mountains with exploring the mystical Amazon. Visit indian villages in the high valleys of the Andes. Explore the jungles of the Amazon and float down the river in a dugout canoe. The summit of Chimborazo is the peak furthest form the center of the earth.


Mt. El Pico de Orizaba    (18,850 ft. above sea level )
Mt. Iztaccihuati    (17,343 ft. above sea level )
Two Mountains ... 9 days .... January / Febuaury ....... $ 1,975.00
Go 1000 miles south of the U.S. border to the 3rd & 7th highest summits in North America.
Go ... beyond dreaming about it!

Trip description

The Snows of Kilimanjaro & African Game Parks Expedition

        Why not celebrate the turn of the century on an African adventure through jungle, villages, trails, mountain and games parks with your friendly guides from American Overland Expeditions', Colorado mountain school.
        The challenge of Kilimanjaro (19,400'), the excitement of a safari in the wilds of the african bush combine to make a trip that you will never forget. Africa, the land where adventure is supreme - lions roaring at night, monkeys cattering during the day, walking through fragrant jungles filled with delicate flowers and vines. You can combine this once in a lifetime experience with one of the most exotic high-altitude mountains of the world.
        Picture seeing first hand the Snows of Kilimanjaro! From the first time that you lay eyes on this shining white queen of Africa, you will be rewarded each day in Africa with a unique expedition experience. This trip is an excellent opportunity to combine an adventure with others who would like to experience an expedition but with the option not to climb.
        We provide porters who will carry your food and gear which allows each day to be a pleasant and exotic trek through this adventure wonderland. At the camps, delightful smells pour out from the cookhouse as we mix with our porters and guides and incredible meals keep you fueled for the adventures ahead. Acitivity is everywhere, so your camera is likely to never be put away!
        We will enjoy the freedom, remoteness and extra beauty of Machame (Shira) route which clmbs up pas thefamous and spectacular Breahc Wall on Kilimanjaro's impressive South Face (since we are in the southern hemisphere, the south faces are equivalent to the north faces of our hemisphere). From the high Barufu camp at 15,500' we will climb up past Hemingway's "Snow's of Kilimanjaro" tothe summit. As a special bonus, we will descend the normal Marangu route, allowing us to experience bothe sides of the mountain.
        What other expedition can combine a high-altitude peak with a safari? Only in Africa can this happen - from the beautiful mountain high country to the most exotic animals on earth! At Terengire we camp out where we can safely hear and feel the presence of the animals. Visiting Maasai villages and the wildlife rich Ngorongoro Crater will top of this total African Adventure. Seeing them in the day and listening to them at night, what an experience!
        On your return, you will have had a rewarding and major lifetime summit. You cannot fail on Kilimanjaro. From beginning to end, each step of the way, this adventure is supreme. It is a dream come true! Take advantage of Colorado Mountain School's African Adventure Safari!
Dates:         Please Call Us For The Next Scheduled Trip
Cost:         $4,875 includes Park fees, transportation, hotels, drivers, guides, porters and meals on the
                     mountain and at Game Parks (meals in towns are extra). Itinerary:
Day 1 Fly to New York and New York to Europe.
Day 2 from Europe, fly to Kilimanjaro Airport or Nairobi.
Day 3 Travel to hotel.
Day 4 Acclimating day - visit native village and surrounding jungle.
Day 5 Begin Kilimanjaro trek/hike to Mandara Hut. (5 miles @9,000ft.)
Day 6 Hike to Horombo (8 miles - at 12,200 ft.)
Day 7 Acclimating day with hike through surrounding alpine plant zone.
Day 8 Hike to Kibo Hut. (9 miles - 15,400 ft. Try to sleep!)
Day 9 Summit climb for anyone who wants to try. Day hike for others.

Return to Horombo Hut.
Day 10 Return to Hotel.
Day 11 Drive to Terengire Game Park.
Day 12 Visit Terengire Game Park.
Day 13 Drive to and visit Lake Manyara Game Park.
Day 14 Drive to and visit Ngorongoro Crater.
Day 15 Return to Arusha and visit town. Stay at Arusha Hotel.
Day 16 Fly from Kilimanjaro Airport to Europe and on to home.
Day 17 Fly from Europe to New York and home.Deposits: 25% to reserve a position on the expedition. Remaining balance to be paid in monthly installments with final payment due 60 days prior to departure.
Refunds: We will refund your deposits up to 90 days or more before the trip minus a $100.00 application fee. If you must cancel after this time we can not refund any of your payment unless we find a person to take your place. For this reason we strongly suggest you purchase trip cancellation insurance. Once a trip has begun there are no refunds unless CMS stops the trip.
Insurance: We highly recommend that you obtain trip cancellation insurance in case of illness or injury. It is available through our Travel Agent.
Money: Bring half of your money in cash and half in travellers checks (approx. $800)
Vaccinations: Cholera, Yellow Fever, Typhoid and Malaria pills for entire trip.
Medicine: Prescription for Diamox for one week, malaria pills for entire trip, bee sting or any other medications you personally need.
Identification: Current passport and Tanzania Visa.
Couples: There is probably no other adventure in the world so ideal for couples to share and experience together. It is a beautiful and rewarding trip, whether both climb to the top of Kilimanjaro or not. The entire trip should be looked upon as an experience to be shared together.
Training: Regular 45-60 minute aerobic workouts four to five times/week with an accelerated push the last month before the trip. Start early and train over a long period of time, allowing your body time to condition slowly.
Airline Tickets: You can obtain Airline Tickets by contacting your travel We wish you the best of luck with your plans. Don't hesitate to call us if we can be of any help. We look forward to experiencing the wonders of Africa with you!
Kilimanjaro Climb- Hiking boots (3 season), Light & Heavy weight trekking socks, Wind & Waterproof coat with hood and pants, Light weight synthetic thermal top & bottoms, Fleece jacket, Synthetic shorts & t-shirt, Medium weight synthetic top & hiking pants, Thermal gloves or mitts, Thermal hat, Gaiters, Insulated parka, Backpack 3000 cu. in., Sunglasses with side protection/glacier glasses,
Safari Travel-
Trekking shoes, Sandals (optional), Light weight socks, 2 sets light weight pants & shirts (light colors), Light weight skirt & blouse (women), Shorts and t-shirts, Fleece or sweater, Sun hat with visor, Camera with lots of fast ASA film, Sun glasses, Sun screen (30+ SPF), Lip balm (20+ SPF),
General Travel-
Large duffel bag (6500+ cu. in.), Sleeping bag (20 F), Sleeping pad, Pocket knife, Bic lighter, 3 1-quart water bottles, Headlamp with extra batteries and bulbs, [Hair brush, tooth brush, tooth paste, soap,] Medications, Towel and wash cloth, Mosquito netting ( approx. 5' x 6'), Insect repellent, Compact umbrella, Trail food (snacks during the day and on summit day), [Plastic cup & bowl (16 ounce each), and spoon,] 2 rolls toilet paper, 4 large plastic garbage bags, 6 Zip lock bags (medium and large), Book/personal stereo, Money belt, Money and travelers checks, Passport & International Medical Card, Tickets, Guide gratuitiy.

Well Friends The Rest Is Up To You!
This Is all The Printed Material (other than books) That We Have.
We will be happy to answer any further questions by phone or e-mail
Expect the unexpected, book your trip today, you'll never regret it!

Mexico Volcanoes Expedition

Mt. El Pico de Orizaba ..... Mt. Iztaccihuatl
Mexico offers a colorful, exciting and fun fill adventure. Climbing in Mexico is more than a high altitude expedition - it is a genuine lifetime experience!
The Mexican volcanoes provide an excellent high altitude experience. The tallest, El Pico de Orizaba, is just short of 18,800 feet above sea level. These are major world mountains - right next door!
We don't race to the volcanoes. We absorb ourselves in the Mexican experience. A fascinating cultural treat awaits us in the form of a great Mexican fiesta in the home of one of our host families. Both families boast Mexican mountaineers and both invite you into their homes, into their lives and into a first-hand experience of the loving warmth of the Mexican people, their culture and their way of life.
Our experience, off to an outstanding start, continues. The little market in Amecameca, on the way to the beautiful lodge at the base of Ixta, changes pace entirely. As we stroll along, picking out ripe oranges, pineapples and avocados for our mountain snacks, the mood is set for what's to come.
The Expedition Team first climbs La Malinche - 14,600 feet above sea level, which is an excellent initial peak for acclimation. We then travel to a beautiful climber's lodge, nestled in the pine trees at the base of Ixta, which offers a magnificent view of Ixta and Popo. The lodge is a melting pot of climbers from all over the world.
Our next summit is Ixta at 17,400 feet above sea level, is in many ways, the most interesting mountains of the three. We complete our trilogy with a climb up Orizaba, the highest of the Mexican volcanoes. Orizaba offers thousands of feet of glacier climbing and many crevasse areas.
We are too close to a true world wonder not to go visit the Aztec pyramids. After a day at the ancient pyramids we return to Mexico City. That evening we complete the last night of our great adventure with a festive celebration of friendship and climbing tales.
Now is the time for you to go beyond dreaming about such an adventure and take part in one of the most satisfying and rewarding mountaineering experiences!
HIGH, WILD AND WONDERFULL !!!THE TWO GIANTS - Iztaccihuati (17,158') and Orizaba (18,800')
( Popo is still erupting, so we cannot climb on Popo at this time. If conditions allow, we will climb Popo Instead of Ixta.)
         Dates:   November and December/January (call for exact dates)
         Expedition Leader (s):    November - Nigel Gregory; December to be decided
         Cost:   $1975.00 This includes host family meals and lodging, hotels, hut fees, food on climbs
                        and all ground transportation except taxi to and from the airport. You will provide your
                        own airfare and restaurant meals. Estimated cost of meals, $7-$9 (approx. 7 meals),
                        taxi $9-$14
         Day 1 Fly to Mexico City
          Day 2 Tour Mexico City
          Day 3 Market Day Amecameca and drive to lodge at base of Ixta, 12,900 ft. above sea level.
          Day 4 Acclimation hike ( to 15,000' approx.)
          Day 5 Climb Ixta
         Day 6 & 7 Drive to Orizaba hut ( 13,900' ). Climb Orizaba
          Day 8 Visit Pyramids and return to Mexico City. Celebration Fiesta!
          Day 9 Fly Home

La Malinche (14,640'), Iztaccihuati (17,158') and Orizaba (18,800')

Recommended for climbers in top condition!
Popo is still erupting, so we cannot climb on Popo at this time.
If conditions allow, we will climb Popo Instead of La Malinche. Approximate Dates: January 9 -19 and January 23/February 2 (call for exact dates)
Expedition Leader (s): January to be determined; January - February, Jason Anderson
Cost: $2,025.00 This includes host family meals and lodging, hotels,
hut fees, food on climbs and all ground transportation except
taxi to and from the airport. You will provide your own airfare
and restaurant meals.
Estimated cost of meals, $7-$9 (approx. 9 meals), taxi $9-$14
Itinerary: Day 1 Fly to Mexico City
Day 2 Tour Mexico City
Day 3 Market Day Amecameca and drive to lodge at base of Ixta, 12,900 ft.
Day 4 Acclimation hike ( to 15,000' approx.)
Day 5 Climb La Malinche
Day 6 Drive to Ixta. Rest and explore
Day 7 Climb Ixta
Day 8 Drive to Joaquin's home and drive to Orizaba hut (13,000 ft.)
Day 9 Climb Orizaba and return to Joaquin's home
Day 10 Visit Pyramids and return to Mexico City. Celebration Fiesta!
Day 11 Fly Home

THE TRILOGY - EXTRA REST DAY Approximate Date: February 6 - 17 (call for exact dates)
Expedition Leader : Jason Anderson
Cost: $2,100.00 This includes host family meals and lodging, hotels,
hut fees, food on climbs and all ground transportation except
taxi to and from the airport. You will provide your own airfare
and restaurant meals.
Estimated cost of meals, $7-$9 (approx. 9 meals), taxi $9-$14
Itinerary: Same as Trilogy with an extra rest day in Puebla on the 8 day.

This is all the printed material we supply other than the suggested books
to read, the rest is up to you. If you have any other questions we would be
happy to answer them either by phone or E-Mail.

Getting Started Courses

SAFETY .... At no time (than getting started) is expert instruction so important.
FAST LEARNING ... Learn more, climb more, enjoy more, faster. Learn through your own mistake while you are on the rock climbing - no down time
YOU CHOOSE ... How high, what difficulty, how much more, how much bigger, what new challenge you move on to next. No limits.
NEW, BIGGER & MORE .... Low ratios, personal attention, flexibility and the greatest variety of climbing in America. No limits to living your greatest climbing dreams.
MULTIPLE CLIMBING PLEASURE .... Every extraconsecutive day you can climb multiplies the amount of climbing and the total climbing pleasure you take home.

DAY 1 .... Get on the rock and start climbing. Lots of climbing! Instruction on knots, belaying, top roping and climbing technique will be brought in at the appropriate time while you are climbing. Learning through doing will maximize your rate of improvement and greatly increase the overall
fun and satisfaction of each day.
DAY 2 .... Because of the gains made by learning through doing on day one, even more climbing, learning and improvement will take place on day two. Instruction on rappelling, protection. By working on longer, harder climbs, we can fine tune our climbing techniques on both face and crack climbing, as well as perfect foot and hand placement.
Day 3 ... It may sound unbelievable, but by day three you will be ready for Climbing, Climbing, Climbing on multi-pitch climbs.
DAY 4, 5 & 6 .... We will pick appropriate full days of multi-pitch climbing! This will allow plenty of time to practice technique and to become totally absorbed in the beauty of rock climbing.
DAY 7 .... What better way to end a fantastic week than to head to the high country and put it all togetherwith pitch after incredible pitch on some of the most spectacular technical climbing in the area. A truly superb way to top off a great week of climbing adventure.


Whether you go for the one day beginner class or GO FOR THE GUSTO! ... Fly free with your highest climbing dreams. Double your results, climb more, bigger, higher, harder and faster. Pack time to bursting the choice is yours... go for more than seven days of climbing... Go for this twenty-four hour-a-day climbing adventure while staying at our climbers bed & breakfast. Take part in the complete seven day progression above.

Equipment & lunch are furnished. Rates are per person based upon two person minimum. Call for group discounts! Lodging includes all meals, breakfast the 1st day to lunch on the last day. Add $25 per person for transportation to/from the airport.
w/lodging ..... Climbing only
1 DAY BASIC .............................. N/A ................. $ 160
( sandstone surface ) Beginning of seven day progression Learn knots, belaying, top roping and climbing techniques.
2 DAY FAST FOCUS ............... $ 456 ................ $ 320
2 nights( granite surface ) Harder climbs
Improve on first day, learn rappelling and protection.
3 DAY CLASSIC ....................... $ 695 ............... $ 480
3 nights ( multi-pitch in an alpine setting ) Applies everything learned on days 1 &2, Plus multi-pitch
4 DAY SPECIAL ........................ $ 895 .............. $ 568
4 nights (Climb, Climb, Climb) Use everything learned. Belay, rappel, top rope, multi-pitch. practice technique and absorb the beauty of rock climbing
5,6 DAY BASE CAMP ............. $ 1,365 ............ $ 926
6 nights. Time to Really Climb, Pikes Peak -14,110 ft True Alpine climbing using all techniques.
...... 2 Day Pikes Peak Asscent ........ Seperately $ 416
7 DAY ADVENTURE ............... $ 1,595 ............ $ 1083
7 nights. More climbing in the high country. Let's put it all together, pitch after pitch on some of the most incredible spires in the area. Truly a great way to top off a superb week of climbing adventure.
3 DAY - PIKES PEAK ASSCENT - ........ $ 661
American Overland Expeditons MULTI-ACTIVITY / SPORT VACATIONS
Choose from: Jeeping, Rafting, Horseback Riding, Hiking, Ballooning, Mtn. Biking,
Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Guest Ranches, Snowmobiling and more.



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