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Exciting Multi-Activity/Sport Vacations

What's Included ........................ !


  • Our Standard 4, 5 & 6 days expeditions are available on a regular basis.
  • Extended trips from 7 to 14 days are available by special arrangement.
  • You may also custom design your own adventure package.

Normal group size:

  • Private and semi-private trips are available.
  • Our normal group size is 6 to 9 and we combine individuals to make our groups.
  • Larger groups must make special arrangements

All Trips Include:

  • Predeparture lodging in Colorado Springs, CO & Experienced backcountry guide
  • Jeeping, Wilderness Hiking, photography, ghost towns, hot springs, waterfalls, non-technical rock climbing, fishing and camping [ Llama treks, horseback riding, mountain biking and whitewater rafting can be done either half days, full days or overnight, depending on the group.] Activities can be changed or added too depending upon what your interest are.

Optional activities:

  • Ballooning-add $125, Helicopters-add $130, Technical climbing-add $90 and Narrow gage railroading-add $65


  • Sleeping bags, mattresses, tents, utensils, rafts, horses, bikes and jeeps Meals:
  • Breakfast on the first day to lunch on the last day, including snacks and refreshments along the way.

San Juan Safari

This is A.O.E.'s Ultimate Extravaganza of Adventure
Unlimited Activities - Your Choice![ 6 days, 6 nights ] ....... 3-camping 3-resort / lodge ........... $1,475.00 Per Person

What's Included:
Jeeping, wilderness hiking, photography, ghost towns, hot springs, rock climbing
& as much Rafting, Horseback, Mtn. biking,llamas, etc. as you can handle.
  • Optional activities: Hot Air Ballooning-add $125, Helicopter Tour-add $130, Narrow gage Railroading-add $65


  • Pikes Peak Region and Southwestern Colorado (San Juan Mountains)
  • High Mtn. Passes: Wilkerson, Cumberland, Tin Cup, Imogene, Black Bear, (Bridal Veil Falls) Red Mountain, Stony, Engineer and Cinnamon
  • Ghost Towns: Animas Forks, Alpine, St. Elmo, Hancock, Tin Cup and Sherman
  • Small towns: Lake City, Silverton, Quray, Telluride, Gunnison & Durango
  • Rivers: The Arkansas, Delores, Gunnison, Animas, Terryall and Taylor
  • Wilderness Areas: Maroon Bells, Collegiate Peaks and Fossil Ridge

Departures: May through September
Trip description

Animas Forks

The Most Popular A.O.E. Adventure

[ 5 days, 5 nights ]

2-camping, 3-lodge, resort ......... $1,295.00 Per Person ... * most popular

3-camping, 2-lodge, resort ............ $1,180.00 Per Person...............

What's Included:
Jeeping, wilderness hiking, photography, ghost towns, hot springs Rock climbing, Horses, Rafting, llamas and Mtn. biking


  • Southwest and Central Colorado
  • High mountain passes: - Wilkerson, Cumberland, Tin Cup, Red Mountain, Stony Engineer, Monarch and Hancock
  • Ghost Towns: Animas Forks, St. Elmo, Hancock and Tin Cup
  • Small towns/cities: Lake City, Silverton, Quray, Gunnison, Pitken and Salida
  • Rivers: The Arkansas, South Platte, Gunnison and Taylor
  • Wilderness Areas: Maroon Bells, Collegiate Peaks and Fossil Ridge

High Wild and Wonderful !!
Departures: May through September ........(other dates scheduled as needed)
Trip description

Collegiate Peaks

[ 4 days, 4 nights ]
All lodge .................... $1,150.00 Per Person      1-camping, 3-lodge ............. $960.00 Per Person
2-camping, 2-lodge ............. $910.00 Per Person ..... * most popular
All camping .................... $710.00 Per Person

What's Included:
Jeeping, wilderness hiking, photography, ghost towns, hot springs horses, rafting, mountain biking and rock climbing.

  • The only optional activities available on this trip are: Ballooning and helicopters

Departures: May through September........(other dates scheduled as needed)
Trip description

The Dunes

[ 4 days, 4 nights ]
South Central Mountains - Spring & Fall

What's Included:
Jeeping, nature hikes, photography, ghost towns, hot springs and rock climbing.
Also includes ( 2-half days activities or 1-full day activity) horses, Mtn. biking or rafting.

All lodge ............. $886.00 Per Person              1-camping, 2-lodge .... $813.00 Per Person
2-camping, 1-lodge ................. $783.00 Per Person ..... * most popular
All camping ....................... $710.00 Per Person

Departure Dates: May 8th, September 24th..... (other dates available)
Trip description

Holy Cross

[ 4 days, 4 nights ] ~ ~ North Central Mountains ~ ~

All Trips Include:
Jeeping, wilderness hiking, photography, ghost towns, hot springs and NT-climbing.

  • Also includes optional activity choices: ( 3-half days or 1-half day &1-full day or 1-overnight) ... Rafting, Horseback and Mtn. biking

All lodge .......................... $899.00 Per Person

1-camping, 2-lodge ........ $825.00 Per Person

2-camping, 1-lodge ........ $799.00 Per Person ..... * most popular

All camping .................... $725.00 Per Person

Departure Dates: May through September..... (other dates available)
Trip description

Maroon Bells

[ 4 days, 4 nights ]

What's Included: Jeeping, wilderness hiking, photography, ghost towns, hot springs and NT-climbing.

  • Also includes optional activity choices ... (2-half days or 1-full day of activities) Your choice of activities.

3-lodge, resort, B&B, etc. - No Camping ..... $1,125.00 Per Person [ 5 days, 5 nights ]

Also includes your choice of optional activities ... (3-half days or 1-full day or 1-overnight of activities)

2-camping, 2-lodge, etc............. $1,295.00 Per Person

Departure Dates: May through September
Trip description

Colorado Outback

[ 4 days, 3 nights ]

What's Included: Only Basic free activities ... Jeeping, hiking, photography, ghost towns, fishing and climbing.

All camping ...................... $548.00 Per Person ..... * most popular

[ 5 days, 4 nights ]

All camping ...................... $625.00 Per Person

Departure Dates: May through September
Trip description

San Juan Safari

This expedition is the ultimate extravaganza of adventure, excitement and activities. The journey covers some of the same area as the Animas Forks trip (refer to Animas Forks trip description for additional information.) with a couple of exceptions. First, we'll get to stay an extra day in and around the San Juan Mountains. Secondly, this will allow us to take in more activities in other locations, such as rafting down the Delores River or others as well as the Arkansas River. Some may wish to take the D&S railroad from Silverton to Durango. Maybe a visit to Durango to shop in the boutiques, etc. Perhaps sign up to soar above the mountain tops in a hot air balloon or visit the cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde. We will also take the opportunity to 4-wheel over and down Black Bear Pass, one of the nations most noted, challenging and difficult high mountain passes. Black Bear is beautiful and will take us by Bridal Vail Falls, one of the highest waterfalls in America. When we reach the bottom of the pass we'll be in Telluride, CO.(food, shops and festivals.) Camping on these expeditions is not as hard core as one might think. You can sleep comfortably under the stars or in your 3 man tent on a queen size airmatress. Basecamp propane cook stoves are use to aid in preparing delightful meals.

Outfitter: A B Jeep Tours

Departure Dates: May through September

Animas Forks

extra options - helicopter & balloon )
Within minutes of leaving Colo. Sprgs. you'll find yourself deep into the Rocky Mountains. We're headed directly to the mornings activities along the Arkansas River.(rafting, horses, rockclimbing and helicopter) Sights to see on the way there are to numerous to mention, we follow a narrow old railroad bed most of the way to the river. Depending on how much fun we're having, we may stay at the Hidden Valley Ranch basecamp. (camp area with facilities) On the second day, winding through the backcountry, we investigate the old mining town of Bonanza. We'll take every opportunity to explore new trails looking for hidden waterfalls and herds of elk and deer. By mid-afternoon the rugged San Juan Mountains will be at our door step and we will have reach our evening destination. The Lakeview Resort is located on the north end of Lake San Cristabol. You'll enjoy nice rooms, good food, fishing on the lake, paddle boats, canoes and horseback riding and more. (For those of you that have chosen so, this will be the staging area for your overnight horseback trip.) Those of you that have chosen a llama trek will travel a little longer that evening to reach your staging area for the next day. The third day devoted to exploring the San Juan Mountains and activities. (horses, llamas, hiking, fishing, 4-wheeling lessons, swimming, photography, ghost towns and gold panning.) The places we'll be in today are the most beautiful places in the state of Colorado. While exploring we'll visit the famous old town of Silverton, the end of the line for the narrow gage, Durango-Silverton Railroad. This railroad still uses the old steam engines of yesteryear. Traveling up a road that was paved with gold ore, and properly named the Million Dollar Highway, we'll also visit Ouray, frequently called Little Switzerland of America because of the shear cliffs which surround it. After lunch, 4-wheel drive only, back into the mountains and over Engineers Pass to the old ghost town and mine of ANIMAS FORKS. Well, our guess is, by now you'll be ready to settle into a campsite and relax for the rest of the evening, have a good campfire dinner and watch one of those spectacular Colorado Mountain sunsets. Day four puts us on the road again. We begin our journey on a northeast heading that will put us on a path to Gunnison, Co., we should be there about lunch time. After lunch it's a short jaunt to a little town called Pitken. From there we get off road again and visit the Alpine Tunnel, Hancock Pass, St. Elmo and Alpine. (all mentioned in the Collegiate Peaks expedition.) This evening we'll be pulling into the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs and Lodge for another night of pampering ourselves with gourmet food, great accommodations and a soak in the hot mineral springs after dinner. During the morning of day five you'll have the opportunity to do a few more activities. (horseback, swim, raft, hike, bike, etc.) Sometime during the early afternoon, with memories that'll bring you back for more, we take our last journey back to Colorado Springs. We'll miss y'all.!

Collegiate Peaks

This adventure departs Colo. Sprgs. by jeep (unless you choose a 1/2 day of Mtn. biking.) and heads into the mountains behind Pikes Peak. We pass through the mining district of Cripple Creek and the little gambling town and head toward the Royal Gorge (unless you've chosen helicopters or rafting). The bridge at the gorge is the worlds tallest suspension bridge. After lunch we go west, along the Arkansas River, until we reach the summit of Monarch Pass and Monarch Ski Resort. Turning north here we find ourselves going deeper into the forest and mountains via old mining trails until we wind up the day in a secluded valley surrounded by 12-13,000 ft. peaks. The only living creatures will be us and the animals. For the ambitious you can climb your own personal mountain before dinner. The next day we'll visit the Alpine Tunnel, built in the late 1800's, it still remains one of railroads engineering feats of all time. At an elevation of 11,500 ft, it is the highest RR. tunnel in the world. Afterwards we descend into the Gunnison Basin and pass by Taylor Park Reservoir, which collects water run off from the surrounding mountains.(great fishing) Then it's up again to cross Taylor and Pearl Pass, two off the most spectacular high mountain passes in the area. The majesty of this mountain range is awesome. At the end of the day you'll find the quaint ski town of Crested Butte awaiting you with it's many restaurants and comfortable accommodations. Here you will have the opportunity to take in some of the activities in the area. (Horseback riding, Mtn. biking, hiking and ballooning option at this point to camp) The third day we journey up Schofield Pass toward Marble. Along the way you'll enjoy the many magnificent waterfalls deep in the forest. Upon reaching Marble we'll visit the marble mine where the marble for the Washington Monument was obtained. This area is
one of the most photographed places in the country. Once we have taken all the pictures we can there, we'll begin making our way to our evening destination. This will take us to the 120+yr old small
village of Tin Cup, over Tin Cup Pass and over to the old ghost town of St. Elmo, where there are still at least 20 old buildings intact. When we reach the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs & Lodge, we'll settle in for an evening of pampering ourselves with gourmet food, comfortable rooms and soothing hot mineral springs. On the morning of day four relax and enjoy the area, maybe take one last dip in the hot springs or take advantage of some of the other activities. (horses, hiking, bike, swim.) Later that afternoon we'll load up and head back to Colorado Springs with memories that will last a lifetime.

Departure Dates: May through September

The Dunes

This four day adventure departs Colorado Springs by jeep and heads up into the Pike National Forest (departure opt.- Mtn. bike down Pikes Peak,1/2 day to waiting jeeps.) On this trip you will get the opportunity to learn some of the history of the area. See how they mined for gold back in the 1880's and how it differs from the methods of today. We'll make a brief stop in the old mining town of Cripple Creek to see how the resent gambling laws have affected this small community. As we press on, you'll have the opportunity to indulge in activities, available at this point of the journey.(Rafting-class lll to V, rock climbing, horseback, or a thrilling helicopter ride.) After a full day of fun and adventure you'll get to brush off the dust at camp.(Cabins or tents, facilities, showers, etc.) The next day will find us taking it easy in the morning, then we'll head into the Sangre De Cristo Mountain range. We'll cross several high mountain passes, enjoy the beautiful vista's and wildlife on the journey to the Great Sand Dunes National Park. There will stop to frolic in the sand and have lunch. Then it's off to Bonanza to explore another old mining town and make camp in the surrounding mountains. On the third day you'll have the opportunity again to take in activities that you may have missed on the first day. (rafting, horseback, hiking, ghost towns, 4-wheeling lessons, hot springs and fishing. ) If need be, we'll even find time for some shopping in Buena Vista's boutiques and souvenir shops. While doing all this we'll be surrounded by the 14,000+ ft. peaks of the Collegiate Mountains. Tonight we stay at the Princeton Hot Springs Lodge, enjoy the gourmet food, comfortable rooms with king-size beds and soak in the hot mineral springs after dinner. Day four will allow time in the morning to do a couple more activities if you wish.(horse, bike, swim, etc.) Sometime during mid-afternoon, we'll begin our journey back to Colorado Springs with cameras full of pictures and our hearts filled with memories.

Outfitter : AB Jeep Tours

Holy Cross

This expedition takes us to the ghost town of Holy Cross City, (extreme four-wheeling) located in the Holy Cross Wilderness, with in the Sawatch Mountain Range. Holy Cross got its name in part because of the large snowy cross able to be seen most of the year, on the face of the mountain. A pretty interesting phenomenon. We start in Colorado Springs at the Garden of the Gods, one of the city's main attractions. Heading into the mountains there're many opportunities to get a birds eye view of the city and take some pictures Continuing on, we'll check out places like Rampart Reservoir and the Manitou Experimental Forest. By lunch time we'll be at the first of two river crossings.(Yes! We may get wet. Be sure you know where to find your life preserver-Just kidding.) After the rivers and lunch we'll roll into the Terryall Mountains and head for Fairplay. On the way there you have the chance to get on a horse, if you choose, and ride off across the range. (and I mean ride, not follow the tail.) At Fairplay, CO. we'll visit the original, maintained, 1800's old town. On the road again, it's up and over Mosquito Pass to get to Leadville, then north to our campsite along Homestake Creek. Day two, we're going up to Holy Cross City on one Colorado's roughest trails and the only way to get there. Upon reaching the city at an elevation of approximately 12,000 ft., we'll explore the remains of the town and hike to Cleveland Lake to have lunch. The views will simply take your breath away! (photo's) The third day, it's down to the Arkansas River to take in some more activities (rafting, horses, Mtn. bikes) After enjoying a day of rafting or whichever other activities you chose, we'll visit Mt. Princeton hot springs. There we can freshen up, take showers and soak off the trail of the past two days, in the hot mineral springs. Being thoroughly relaxed we'll head up the trail to our last nights campsite. Our last day will find us hiking to the Alpine Tunnel, visiting the ghost town of St. Elmo and Alpine, and generally taking in the sights located near our camp. By mid afternoon we say good-bye to our mountain playground and head back to Colorado Spring.

Maroon Bells

This adventure is one that pulls destination points from the Holy Cross and Collegiate Peaks trips. Destination points include, Holy Cross City (ghost town), Marble (Yule mine), Crested Butte, Tin Cup, Alpine, St. Elmo (ghost town), Hancock (ghost town), Aspen and Mt. Princeton Hot Springs. The areas in which we'll be hiking are Alpine Tunnel and Cleveland Lake. The most beautiful, 4-wheel drive, high mountain passes we'll be doing are Mosquito Pass, Schofield Pass, Pearl Pass, Taylor Pass, Cumberland Pass and Hancock Pass. The highest elevation we'll reach is 13,188 ft. above sea level, you will probably see snow on this trip even in mid-August. This expedition is a photo- graphers dream come true. It's a perfect blend of relaxation and excitement. Each night find us in the comfortable accommodations of a lodge, bed & breakfast or resort with fine food available.

Colorado Outback

This is an all camping, backpacking experience in the Colorado high country. Your campsite will be one accessible only by foot backpacking. The expedition is great for those who want peace and quite in the midst of Colorado's secluded outback. This is an excellent trip for photographers. You will be surrounded by hidden valley's and meadows covered with wildflowers. Visits to the campsite by deer and other wild life make this trip a great one to simply relax with a book and soak in the Rocky Mountain sunshine. Backpacking and exploring some of Colorado's oldest trails such as the Colorado Trail and passing through wilderness areas like "Holy Cross", "Maroon Bells", "Collegiate peaks and others, make the days seem short. Visiting waterfalls and soaking in hot springs will be soothing to the mind and a pleasant experience for your whole being. Everywhere you look, your camera will find a picture perfect view. Many ghost towns and high mountain passes mentioned in our other trips are visited on this expedition. Delicious meals around the campfire puts a warm end to each days events.Other activities may be added to this trip on an individual basis, if you so desire. This expedition is one of our favorites.

AB JEEP TOURS - Colorado Springs, CO

THE GOLD RUSH TOUR...... 1/2 day ... Adults: $45.00 Children under 12 $36.00
         Visit Cripple Creek the way the gold mners did a hundred years ago. The journey begins on an old stagecoach road that curves its way thru the Rocky Mountains. As we travel thru the scenic area we'll see aspen groves, wildlife and reach an elevation of 12,500 ft. above sea level with absolutely beautiful vistas. Learn a little about the geology of the area and the history of how it shaped the local mining community. We visit Cripple Creek to explore this old mining town where gambling is legal and brings back "the rip roaring days" of the 1890's in Colorado. When you're ready we'll head back to the Springs via a nice sooth road appreciated by all by the end of the trip. Plan pn a 5 hour trip with snacks included.

THE GHOST TOWN TOUR...... Full day ... Adults: $95.00 Children under 12 $75.00
        This trip takes us into the heart of the Rockies and the Collegiate Peak Range. It has much more rugged terrain getting us into the oldest of mining areas and we make a loop visiting the Ghost towns of Hancock, Pitken, Tin Cup and St Elmo. We cross the Continental Divide twice and traverse three high mountain passes. We guarantee that you have never seen country like this before. Plan on a 10 hour trip with snacks and lunch included.

For Reservations Call:    (800) 598-1325

Feed Back

The Platta Family:
        What a fantastic trip!   Many, many, many thanks for all your time and effort to make our family vacation so very special. You had every detail nailed down...including the weather which I know is tricky to coordinate. But, you did it and we are all extremely grateful. Everything was great. The horseriding could have been a little shorter or had more variety, but still included some beautiful scenery and "interesting" experiences climbing hills and maneuvering through trails/trees/bushes. The kids are still talking about all the different things we did ... but I'd have to say the rock climbing really blew their minds. I guess it was the sense of accomplishment you feel when you reach the top of the climb.   Very exhilerating and most rewarding --- especially for someone my age. Just to stay close to the 20-year-olds is a major accomplishment!   Again Ed, thanks for the great trip. Please forward me more info about the Costa Rica trip, as well as some of the other things we could do in Colorado (we've not ruled out a return trip next year) - boys were especially interested in rock climbing (more advanced), whitewater rafting, mountain biking (like on Pike's Peak), ATV adventure (that really perked their interest), and any thing else you offer.
        Have a great weekend...and know that you've made one family in Wisconsin especially thrilled with your Adventure Package!


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