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Sport Fishing

Sport Fishing in Alaska - Karluk Base Camp

[6 days, 5 nights] $ 1,495.00

    In all of Alaska, Kodiack Island has been one of the premier destination for sport fisherman. The size of the King Salmon offers a fantastic challenge to the fisherman that's looking for an adventure in the great northwest. In the surrounding waters of Karluk Bush Camp you will find an abundant supply of Salmon, Halibut and Trout. Walk to fishing sites close by or use your outboard skiff to get to more remote areas. Your guide, Larry Sugak, who has been fishing these waters for over fourteen years, will escort you to familiarize you with the area until you are comfortable on your own. Photograph Eagles, Bear, Sea Lions, Sea Otter and other local inhabitants while visiting this beautiful land.

    After arriving in Kodiak via commercial airlines you will have the opportunity to obtain licenses, tags, stamps and other gear. Departing for Karluk on a chartered plane or helicopter, you will enjoy a 40 minute flight over the Alaskan terrain, which is included in this adventure. At the bush camp you willfind a private cabin setting with showers and sauna. All meals are served family style. This is not a trip for those seeking a motel room every night,this is the Alaskan backcountry.

    With recently obtained permits we can now offer trips further into the backcountry to reach areas on the Upper Karluk River. This area is great for Kings and Steelheads. More secluded, on this trip weather port tents are used as a base camp. This trip is available at a cost of $2,495 per client

Prime Times: Kings & Sockeye June 22-28, August 17-23
For more information Call A.O.E. (800) 598-1325

Colorado - Fly Fishing

Mountain Angler (5) Day Fishing Trip
ARRIVE DENVER, CO: Denver International Airport - May through October, 1998
Schedule your flight to arrive early PM. A.O.E. will then
transport you to the lodging accomodations in Breakenridge,
Ground Transportation: Included to and from airport.
Gear: Includes wadders, poles, sleeping bags, pads, tents, licenses, use fees and transportation to and from fishing areas.

Accomodations: Includes Hotel, bed & breakfast or Condo in Breakenridge.
Meals: Includes lunches each day and one camp dinner & breakfast.
[ Does not include other breakfasts or dinners ]
Day One: Middle Fork Ranch - 5 miles of exclusive private water - Browns to 6 pounds.
Day Two: C-40 Ranch on the Colorado River - Native Rainbows on the upper Colorado River.
Day Three: Private water on the Arkansas River Ranch - Numerous browns, good dry fishing.
Day Four and Five: Weather permitting, overnight float trip on the middle Colorado River. Includes camp dinner & breakfast, camping
gear and two days of float fishing.
Trip Returns to Denver: Denver International Airport.

[ 5day, 5night ]
The Mountain Angler
FISHING EXPEDITON .............. $ 1,700.00 per person

$ 2,610.00 per person More information on other Fishing Trips available by E-mail request or by Calling (719)262-9480 or (800)598-1325


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